Arthur Hailey
Who is Arthur Hailey?

Who is
Arthur Hailey?

Arthur Hailey is a limited liability company, which was established by a group of persons with extensive experience in the field of investment management, corporate finance and restructuring of low-efficient businesses. Arthur Hailey deals in the company’s assets market: it offers the services of investment banking and corporate finance at professional level.

Arthur Hailey actively searches for, implements and manages investments or projects with hidden internal values throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It reaches the full value exploitation by its field-proven tools – utilising sophisticated procedures, professional onset, deep knowledge of industries and their problems.

Arthur Hailey and its specialists

Arthur Hailey and its specialists use field-proven methods and value management tools when solving tasks. They always want to achieve an optimal result and therefore they look at the problem from all possible angles. Given their professional experience they are convinced that the domestic businesses’ growth is being slowed down primarily by lack of will, competence and experience essential for implementing necessary changes. Lack of cash is only a secondary problem.

Arthur Hailey and its specialists support creativity and courage in search for new development paths. The rightness of this approach has been proven by successful projects conducted in the businesses with obvious complications, in complicated industries and without adequate financial support. In practice, they often showed the way out to chronically ill firms, they found solutions even in apparently unmanageable situations.

Arthur Hailey and co-operation

Arthur Hailey undoubtedly prefers the co-operation with the owners of business, financial and business partners, management, but also with the regular staff. Even the most difficult problem can be put under control if there is enough will to deal with it. The basic principle and requirement of Arthur Hailey company is a partnership based on correctness, honesty and trust.

The mission of Arthur Hailey company is to provide businesses with new impetus using new strategies, management and organisation methods to help today losers become future winners and today outsiders become potential market leaders.

The intention of Arthur Hailey company is not only to provide solution for its clients but also to take a share of responsibility for its implementation and achievement of results.

Arthur Hailey: Quote

Arthur Hailey:

We do everything to make businesses
more efficient and more valuable.

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