Arthur Hailey

Arthur Hailey
has an objective

The main objective of our company
is to increase efficiency of businesses that cannot, at the moment, take full advantage of their assets, the businesses which have been weakened by inadequate form of management and devalued by incorrect business models.

We develop the value of ownership: we implement the capital appreciation standards, we introduce new ideas to the businesses, we change the processes and approaches to already existing shortcomings, we bring new perception of corporate asset value.

We develop – Processes, Products and Approaches.

We deal with the businesses that have a capacity not only to survive but also to grow further. Unfortunately, due to lack of equity capital, improper debt structure or failures at operational level, they have not been able to exploit its potential yet. These aspects lead to low effectiveness of business activities and ultimately result in unnecessary spending of financial resources.

We pay attention to the businesses
which need financial or operational restructuring to be able to overcome current problems. We adjust their internal economy regimes to the state of healthy and sustainable development in the long run.

We regard the businesses as assets that actually secure the return on investment. We implement the changes regardless our position in the project – as the owner, representing the owner or creditor we implement all necessary steps leading to a turnaround of a company.

  • We provide solutions in case of business concepts failure
  • We restore the value of the businesses exhausted by the internal imbalances and pressures of the external environment
  • We develop projects with the growth opportunities
  • We help to cultivate business climate using our professional approach