Arthur Hailey
Arthur Hailey offers you

Arthur Hailey
offers you

Necessary know-how Our professional expertise and specific knowledge are sources of ideas and themes that help to understand the nature of a problem. They enlarge the room for finding alternative actions in conditions of lack of time and information. They guarantee flexibility when the original conditions do change.

Management background A man is the key to the success of any effort. When implementing the ideas we therefore check the experience and skills of the managers in place, their effort to overcome the obstacles, we take over the responsibility for strategic and often operative decisions as well. In order to maintain the continuity in management of a company we also see to develop internal managerial capacities.

Functional areas and analytical knowledge

Qualification going beyond functional areas Complex knowledge across the functional areas (starting with marketing and commerce, through the financial management, human resources and operational activities to the interim management and strategic decisions) is a killing assumption to seeking solutions within a complex crisis management, reorganisation or company restructuring.

Analytical knowledge The accurate evaluation of a business and its environment is a basic assumption to formulating correct solutions. It requires a research based on facts, understanding of most important triggers and consistency in searching for causes and coherence.

Understanding and integrated service

Understanding for individual differences There are no two identical businesses or two identical situations, therefore there are no two identical solutions. Our own practice in different industries and in various businesses revitalising actions undoubtedly proves the importance of unique characteristics for setting adequate objectives and procedures.

Integrated service We offer our partners complex scale of services – starting from searching investment opportunities, through structuring the operations, to implementing the ideas into practice. Our existing experience and team approach create assumptions for turning intentions into results.

System operations


Crisis management and turnaround

Financial rehabilitation of debtors

Business development

Project management

Private equity projects

Investment banking



Management Buy Outs

Management Buy Ins

Leverage Buy Outs

Company operations sales (spin-offs) assets

Joint ventures

Strategic alliances

Transactions security services

Investment research and opportunities search

Strategic assessment of business portfolio

Business evaluation

Due diligence

Support in transaction negotiation

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